Siren is the new project of Metro Area’s Darshan Jesrani and Dennis Kane, founder of Disques Sinthomme and Ghost Town. Though they started recording during the winter of 2013, the project stems back to parties they threw before and after the closing of NYC club APT. According to the press release, Jesrani and Kane have played together in a variety of settings, including, “a Canal Street Loft, a Bushwick printing factory, a former ballroom dance studio in Chinatown, an old theater, an idyllic poolside on Long Island and a burlesque parlor.” Siren used a full band for the EP, and the downtown feel of the record is underlined by the presence of Liquid Liquid’s Sal P on percussion. Ray Mang contributes a version for the flip.


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                                                    The friendly skies seem distant today. As distant and far away as a crossed lover. Utopia may or may not exist in the skies but man can imagine the heavens. He wishes they would call for him, he can pretend he is desired there. He can dream that fate has a warm healing touch especially for him. Can angels with steel wings can make the heavens not so distant? A dream illustrated with the design of Miansai, Luker by NBHD, and Krisvanassche…






M-51 by Luker (by Neighborhood) , Tapered Twill Cargo Trouser by Krisvanassche



M-51 by Luker (Neighborhood), Elastic Waist Tapered Trouser and Velcro Sneakers by Krisvanassche



Rib Cuff Overshirt, and  Elastic Waist Trouser by Krisvanassche, M12 Stainless Silver On Leather Timepiece by Miansai


M-12 Stainless Silver On Leather Timepiece by Miansai, M-51 By Luker (NBHD),  Velcro Sneakers and Elastic Waist Trouser by Krisvanassche




                                                    Life in blue is cool like jazz, calm like the tropics, at times lonely like travel. Thankfully for Durimel their life in blue also signifies style, grace, experience, and understanding. Life in blue is rare, thoughts in blue are simple, a double sided coin that whispers in the ear of chance and adventure, and taps psyche on the shoulder. Illustrated with the design of WTAPS, Neighborhood, and Krisvanassche…


Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by:


Models: Jalan and Jibril Durimel



durimel whiteBall Cap by WTaps, Elastic Wool Tapered Trouser by Krisvanassche


durimel white 2

Vintage Satin Coaches Jacket by WTaps


Durimel white 5

 WP-1 Patch T-Shirt by Neighborhood


durimel white 4

Design 01 T-Shirt and Design Hooded Sweatshirt by Wtaps, Elastic Wool Tapered Trouser by Krisvanassche



Outtakes from our last session: With a chance to reenter the realm of the senses, a chance to do it all over again. He asks a lustful universe: “Why not?”


Art Direction and Fashion by Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs

Photographed by Patrick O’Brien-Smith

Models: Melinda Elvenes & Gil



 Air Force 1 Boot SP Tisci by NIKE



 Brooks Coaches Jacket by Neighborhood



 100MM (Metallic Gold) by Buscemi





 Miner Savage Denim by Neighborhood



 Various items from Neighborhood, Air Force 1 Boot SB Tisci