This Saturday the fine people at Cinefamily bless us with yet another killer screening. This time around Robert Downey Sr.’s seminal Civil Rights Movement inspired classic, Putney

Swope. In many ways it is a precursor to films such as Bamboozled, Chameleon Street, and other satirical looks at race, politics, and mind control. 1969′s Putney Swope featured a

landmark performance from none other than Antonio Fargas. (Fargas would go on to become a well known TV actor thanks to a recurring role on Starsky & Hutch a role that many in

the black community had their issues with). Fargas will be in person for a live Q&A followed by the film itself. For those who have not seen Putney Swope; it is a hard satirical look at

corporate America, the entertainment industry, and the commodification and packaging of the Civil Rights Movement. (Perfect subject matter considering what is happening in America

as of late). Its a rare opportunity to not only see a vintage art film that helped changed popular culture, but also meet one of the cast members that helped breath an insurmountable

amount of life into the work. Its a wonderful way to spend a Saturday evening in Los Angeles. Click the link for ticket information.








We had a little holiday party for UNION staff along with our friends at THE MOST last week. There was a “Jamaican” theme to it, as you can see. Thanks to everyone that came out…we

had a fucking blast. The perfect way to cap a great year!

Here are some out takes of the night but if you want to see all the photo’s, here is a link to the Flickr with more shots.

FYI. I was totally drunk and don’t remember a thing…


Special Shout outs to Beth and Omid for organizing the whole thing.

Special shouts to the DJ’s for keeping us moving all night…Adam, Jamaal, Shaniqwa, Raj and Chris (not me), who all killed it!!!

Last but no least, special thanks to “The Underground Museum” for hosting us!







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San Pedro is a hidden gem of Los Angeles. A port section of town nestled against Long Beach with its own very unique history.

The Grand Emporium 001

Within the hidden gem of San Pedro is a hidden gem known as The Grand Emporium (which itself is filled with tons of hidden gems).


The  Grand Emporium 002

A classic style shop that offers up complimentary retro themed sodas while you scan the store for goodies.


The Grand Emporium 003

A well curated selection of vintage Science fiction from the masters such as Asminov, Philip K. Dick, as well as books from Ace publishing. A strong collection of books about cinema, music and other topics.


The Grand Emporium 004



The Grand Emporium 005

A killer selection of vinyl reissues ranging from classic groups such as King Crimson,


The Grand Emporium 006

You gotta love a shop run by a man with an obsession for Sun Ra, and Leonard Cohen. One of the most amazing details of this shop is the knowledge of the shop keeper which can at times be the driving force for repeat visits to a place like this.


The Grand Emporium 007Vintage laser discs some of which are Criterion. Perfect gifts for those who appreciate interesting odds and ends.


The Grand Emporium 008

 Vintage poster books, lobby cards, and magazines abound. Items like these make The Grand Emporium a very detailed, extremely interesting and fun place to spend a couple hours.


The Grand Emporium 009
The Grand Emporium 010
Because of items such as this original Don Juan poster acquired from the Warners estate, The Grand Emporium is able to function in a way that collectable shops used to, in the days before eBay and Etsy. The shop keeper is a former radio personality that has used his experience and knowledge of the world to keep the business he shares with his wife down to earth and full of texture


The Grand Emporium 011
More artifacts, and amazing tidbits of historic American pop culture in the form of original film posters from the estate collection of Hollywood icon Cyd Charisse. Shops like these, that are this pure and honest are fading fast as we succumb to the entities such as Amazon, eBay, and Etsy just to name a few. Small businesses like these rule.