Images, Experiences and Raging

by the RAGE-God: Sagan Lockhart aka Fersher

Our dear friend Sagan aka Fersher goes harder than almost anyone in the City of Angels, here he continues his wild forays into the world of Gonzo-Raging, and often times

that keeps him safely imbedded within the DNA of some of the most randomly interesting places and spaces. This go round, he was supporting his dear amigo Earl, who had some

very hard work ahead of him: making an L.A. crowd get off their ass and move. Here’s the photo evidence.


Backstage the homie Lee enjoys texting a sultry, cold-to-the-touch can of PBR. Meanwhile young Kev can’t be mad at that.


Backstage at the House of Blues. Oh the seriousness of it all…


Lee enjoys some alone time. Peace time. Quiet time. Smokey time. Prepping for the rage to come.

Nakel Smith (far L), and Tyler the Creator (M), join forces for the viewing pleasure of a very thirsty L.A. crowd


Earl and Nakel create the circle.



Earl Sweatshirt feeling strong once again. Cali kids feeling really fortunate to bear witness.

The spirits of Naomi and Mac Dre aka Ronald Dreagon oversea this mellow, after-RAGE scene. So calm, so serene.


Lee Spielman salutes you, and asks that the next time you come to Cali, you go #MEGA…


Scene kids. Keep going full #RAGE out there…


To follow the exploits of Sagan Lockhart aka Fersher, just fucking do it.

Words and thoughts by Thomas Sebastian Galasso



I can never go on enough about the genius of Sun Ra. i was obsessed with thise dude for much of my teen years and early adulthood. He did his own thing, and took his career into his own hands in an era when being a Black man was rebellious enough. Super Sonic jazz was the second ever full length release from Sun Ra, and the first release on his very own El Saturn imprint. Sun Ra and his business partner Alton Abraham started the El Saturn label themselves and would drop a total of three albums during the 1950′s. Part of what makes that little nugget of info even more interesting is the fact that (especially in this age of limited vinyls and stuff like RSD) they would make as few as 75 pressings of each album, and sometimes even less than that. The records were manufactured using Black owned businesses (again ahead of the curve i many ways), and were released with little to no advertising. Super Sonic Jazz would later have a second life thanks to the always daring, and progressive Impulse! label who would reissue it in 1974 along with new artwork and a new title (Super Sonic Sounds). Obviously by now many original Sun Ra albums are astronomical when it comes to pricing, but the intention around these releases is as pure as it ever was. Enjoy the cosmic aura and soundscapes of the man born Herman Blount wherever you are on this Sunday morning…




1974 Impulse! reissue of Super Sonic Jazz (retitled Super Sonic Sounds) with alternate artwork



*This is continued from an earlier blog post. To see part one, go here.


Still in Kyoto…did I say this already?  I love Kyoto, an amazing city.  The perfect combination of history (old shit, temples and shrines and shit) and contemporary (new shit, modern architecture, infrastructure and shit).  There are city ordinances that limit how you renovate old buildings so people have to be really creative about building…in the end there is a distinctively different vibe all around this city.  The way people update but still pay homage to the ancestors is truly incredible…


anyways…first stop in the AM, coffee.  I am not sure if this Inoda coffee is world renown or just another tourist trap…but bottom fuck it…the coffee here is great!



On to more temples…this one here is a Shrine for the gods of Business. It’s called the Fushimi Inari-taisha Shrine.   It’s protected by these fox statues you see all around.  It’s basically a giant hill of all these Torii’s everywhere.  Super cool. (said in a bad french accent soupear cooooolllll).



Solomon really got into the praying at all these temples…he was really serious too…I have mad pictures of him praying at different shrines…GO HAM, SON!




Real talk (AM RADIO).  On some Pete Rock and CL Smooth type album cover type shit…This looks like it could be the album cover for a mid 90′s Kids rap group.  Yeah. Here’s the back story…

Two kids from Brooklyn have to move to Japan cause they’re parents get relocated.  They don’t know the language, they don’t know the culture, they have a tough time fitting in, but they really get into Samurai culture.  The oldest, “Young Shinto” has this beat maker with him and he starts sampling and making beats from old Japanese Kung Fu flicks (cause that’s all they can watch and understand, you know!). The youngest is a loner…but he can rhyme his ass off.  His name is “Hadouken”.  He got it from Street fighter…and this is the album cover.

…yeah I have issues…





caught Ish praying too…he tried to do it in secret…




the man, they myth, the legend.  Thugmoki. He took care of everything for us.  Thanks man!!!!!!




OH SHIT!   another album cover.  This is from there Jr. Album.  They were critically acclaimed off the first release and the fame went to their head.  For their sophomore album they tried to do some pop shit and the album bombed.  For this album they went back to their roots…

yes…I know, I still have problems…




Our Boy Alan brought us to this dope Bamboo Forest.  I wish we could have stayed here all day…I felt like I was in “Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon”.




Just look at these two love birds…




On to another spot.  This one was called…Kiyomizu Temple.  If i remember correctly there are both Buddhist and Shinto shrines here…The Shinto is the bright orange you see above.  Really fresh!




They both burnt themselves….#TOURISTS!



DSC04630 here’s the deal.  We walk up and there is a huge crowd of people surrounding this big metal weapon.  I can’t speak Japanese so I don’t know what it was but I am going to assume it was an old battle axe that samurai used to carry around.  I am guessing that they wanted to show you just how strong the Samurai warriors were that they could carry around this big metal axe.  Everyone is taking turns trying to lift it and nobody can do it…I think to myself, these weaklings…let a real man thru!  So I push through, like an obnoxious American and cut the line (I usually pride myself on being a polite Canadian, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do..).  I go to pick up the AXE, assuming it’s gonna be easy and FUCK if I don’t almost break my back trying to lift this thing…DAMN.  I couldn’t move it.  Everyone laughed at the stupid American…I couldn’t tell em I was Canadian after the scene I made….





Ish tried too…WEAKLING!!!




Who would have thought they had the ill Afro Pick game in Kyoto?





Back in Tokyo.  I had another day of work to do, this time going to the Soph. offices.  I don’t want to bring the kids again cause they almost destroyed the NBHD showroom so I had Beth take em to an Arcade. Here we are on the subway starting our day off…what a cute couple!




Soph.  Looked great…I made my way, one by one through all of these racks of goodies…Damn!  The Shit I Do To Make Yall Look Fly…




Bumped into Poggy and Kiyonaga at the show…I think this hand sign means “I Love You” in Japanese?





Once I was done…picked up the fam from the crazy arcade.  Let’s just say the Japanese arcade game is crazy.  There are the most random of games there and the kids take this shit really seriously.  One dude showed up with a whole outfit in his bag and changed before he started to play…And he murdered it.  Meanwhile..the three black people with the most SWAG in the country could barely play the DANCE game???






aight…off to Shibuya for a little shopping….Those pink things in the back ground have something to do with Cherry Blossom season…but I don’t know what?




Stop at my favorite Gyoza spot for lunch.  Kids are getting knackered, it’s been a long week and they were starving!!!




this is one of those “fill in your own caption” moments  I’ll start.  “…yo dude, I told you we should have worn our Kimono…I feel mad under-dressed for this…”.




This is our last day…we had a great time but ready to go home too…



So on our last day, we took the kids to Odaiba.  Which is a man made island in Tokyo that has like amusement parks and malls and…apparently a life size Gundam.  Pretty dope!  We spent the day there doing kid shit… nothing blog worthy…

IMG_0443 night we went by the Biotop store.  One of my favorite stores in Tokyo.  Really well curated.  The had my boys OAMC front a center.  Good job fellas!!!!




next up..we went to the Tokyo Tower to get some fresh night views of the city skyline…




These guys obviously think they are gangsters???  Look how tired Tomoki looks…he is officially over us at this point.



Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset







…um any one reminded of the 1968 Black Power Olympic protest

well that is if the third guy on the podium was a Japanese Anime character…




…cherry Blossoms…




Last stop.  My favorite restaurant in Tokyo.  Shabu Gen.  The dopest Shabu Shabu spot ever!!!!








home sweet home…

Words & thoughts by Thomas Sebastian Galasso

Our friends at OAMC are at it again. This time they are showcasing a killer pair of shades. The kind of shades that can never die…
 dropped this a little while back, and we just want to spread the love a bit more. OAMC has presented frames made

from lightweight acetate which is cut on a pre-curved plate, thusly making it so they cannot bend with ease. The above video

should may not be for the faint of heart. Some of us like to take our new toys out for an initiation. Kudos to OAMC for

proving their brand of shades (like a good friend) will have your back when the going gets tough.