This past Sunday BE-STREET came out of Paris to have their first LA based art show (BOOTLEG BART) and they set the bar VERY high for an animated group show. The event consisted of 70 different artist who all had their own take on making the most bootlegged version of The Simpsons. It was nuts! At first you’re like theres too much Bart to handle then you take your time to check out each piece individually and they all had a super cool individual aesthetic and mood.


The setting was cool, open space skylight and the crowd wasn’t too hollywood, which is hard to find out here sometimes. Honestly!


First we met up with the SQUAD! :p


Cool pieces at their front desk


Our friends Valerie and Audrey who both ended up wearing denim jumpsuits.


There was a giant Bart piñata and for $2 you could enter a raffle to win it. Honestly, I feel like its that thing you win and then say “shit, this is huge!” and then it ends up at some random goodwill center. Props to the artist though!


A portrait of Marge Simpson. My inner child said, “thats whip cream.” My adult self said “hmm I see what you’re doing artist.”


Cool action figures.


More action figures! Yo, these two were pricey. The one on the left was about five inches for $1200 and the right was about three inches for $600. No lie though they were some of the coolest pieces from the show.

IMG_4783 (1)

Then a Bart mascot came through. Remember how I said It didn’t get too hollywood? I men’t except for those two on the left! These dudes came wearing ALL BART and if that wasn’t enough her little boyfriend had a LIVE snake on him. Thats’s LA for you, but it’s all good!



You know when you leave the party and miss the best part? Well yeah, we left and then Matt Groening came through, end of story.

Today we received a massive order of Comme Des Garcons product and everyone at the office was trying on pieces! Then it got me thinking on their ads, which we posted earlier today on Insta. I found one after the other and noticed their history of the most careless fashion ads. So yeah check out some of our favorites bellow.



SPRING 2008- PHOTOGRAPHY BY Stephen Wolstenholme


2010 PHOTOGRAPHY BY Stephen J Shanabrook


Spring 1988 -PHOTOGRAPHY BY André Kértesz


Spring 1995 – PHOTOGRAPHY BY Keizo Kitajima

1113973 copy

FALL 1988 – PHOTOGRAPHY BY Inoue Tsuguya and Jim Britt




Spring 1995 – PHOTOGRAPHY BY Keizo Kitajima


This week we released some new goods which included Thom Browne and Fear of God. The Thom Browne team really did their shit this season! When you can’t think of a new way to make a cable knit sweater they come out with this one (third pic). Then with the pebbled grain calf skin leather wing tip brogue, OOOOhh! WELL DONE WELL DONE! So yeah, check out our boy Gil jamming and kicking back this week looking quite dapper if we must say.

Peace! tumblr_nnegyl1TfnO1r3kgmgo1_1280-copy1 copytumblr_nnegy1TfnO1r3kgmgo1_1280-copy1

Wearing: All THOM BROWNE

tumblr_nnegy1TfnO1r3kgmgo1_1280-copy1 copy

Wearing:          Pants,shoes,sweaters: THOM BROWNE           Coat-FEAR OF GOD 5I2A7640

logo copy

IMG_9427 copy

James Fauntleroy Performes with Thundercat on the 6 string Bass 


IMG_9424 copy

Last night we took a field trip with the Gang to MOCA’s fairly new, annual event “Step and Repeat”. So essentially the program is put together to celebrate Performance overall and we were lucky to catch an amazing performance by James Fauntleroy in collaboration with Thundercat. Beside the performances it was definitely great to just see such a large art community come together here in LA. You don’t get to walk around much here, and appreciate characters so people watching was def a main attraction! Look out for the Next Step and Repeat here

– Peace, Union