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What mysteries rule over the realm known simply as The Zone? A world of steel, cable, cinder, and reverie that will be forced to evolve through the psyche of rebels. Escape is a dream. A much needed stratagem of escape illustrated with the modernistic styles of Carhatt and Buscemi…

Art Direction and Fashion by Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs

Photography by Patrick O’Brien-Smith

Models: Bobby Newmark & Cory




Leopard Pocket Tee, Bell Shirt by Carhartt




Border T-Shirt by Carthartt, 100MM (Tonal) by Buscemi




Herring Shirt, Sid Pant by Carthartt, 100MM (Tonal) by Buscemi




Ashton Bomber by CarharttUNION_CORY_BOARD_7 copy


Ashton Bomber by CarharttUNION_CORY_BOARD_5 copyMarble Sweatshirt, Anglistic Beanie by Carhartt






The Dream syndicate were one of those seminal bands that never really got their due. Formed by art students in Davis, CA and later imported to Los Angeles, Dream Syndicate were a part of a small music/fashion scene that would be recognized as the The Paisley Undrground. Groups on the more popular side of the Paisley Underground spectrum would include The Bangles, and The b-52′s. But for those truly not in the know, it was a 1960′s driven psych-pop revival that was very distinctly L.A. , although there was a version of it alive and well in Minneapolis thanks to the genius of Prince (amazing how many genres that man has crossed). The Dream Syndicate were one of those groups that existed beyond the scene and were able to influence other “alternative” rock groups, and help shape the music that would dominate the first half of the 90′s.

The group reformed in 2012 with original members Steve Wynn, and Duck and new additions to fill out the lineup. They have been playing shows to critical acclaim and now they will be playing at the Echoplex on November 22nd. Its a great opportunity to experience a piece of L.A. music history, and also a piece of L.A. fashion history. Get your tickets while you can, these kinds of things sell out very fast.



Chalk Board



One of my best friends in the world shot me and my family doing what we always do every Sunday; you know, dressing like herbs and getting in my hoopty and sight seeing on Mullholland Drive and singing “The Hills Are Alive…”

But really, though…

We had tons of fun playing dress in my short suit set, the kids in their knee highs and Bephie in her elegant dress…

Check it:

cars_Page_12 cars_Page_06 cars_Page_05

And check out the Video by my favorite Guyanese director Raj Debah

Cars from Raj Debah on Vimeo.