Not sure what you did on Saturday night but since you asked :P… We headed over to the Papillion art Gallery out here in LA. Our friend Suné Woods Premiered her show “To Sleep With Terra” which consisted of some pretty sick collage work that we can’t quite put into words so yeah, just check out the post.


Spectators Spectatin!


One of my favorites from the show.


My favorite from the show!


She had a small video presentation that related to the art work.


Gallery owner telling this guy, “dog’s ain’t allowed homie.”



All in All, good stuff!

Along with a second delivery from Sacai and OAMC, this week we received major goods from Tim Coppens and Sun Buddies. Oh and before I forget, the Raf Simons Adidas, Stan Smith’s you’ve heard of everywhere including at ya moma’s Crib are now available online an in-store. Here’s some pieces what caught our eye.

hermanos slid 8 copy

Alton is Wearing – OAMC full outfit (LEFT) – Tim Coppens sweatshirt and Acne Jeans (Right)

hermanos slid 7 copy

Alton is wearing – Oamc complete outfit (Left and Right)

hermanos slid 5 copy

Alton is wearing Sacai plaid shirt and Jacket with Raf Simons Adidas Sneakers (Left and Right).

hermanos slid 6 copy

Alton is wearing Tim Coppens Shirt, And Raf Simons Adidas (Left) – OAMC complete outfit (Center) – Philip Lim T-shirt and Raf Simons Adidas.

I was looking up inspiration for a project we’ve been working on and ended up searching through Botero’s work. Then I got interested in potentially buying a book just for the art work in front. So yeah, nothing crazy about this post, just thought i’de share. Peace!



botero 4


Super feeling this video for Denia Moore’s “I swore”

So pretty much this kid is experiencing adult situations first hand for just a day and seems to try and make the best of it by rebelling against his peers and elders he may have pursued or resented in the past.

Director : Ugo Mangin
Producer: Elsa Rodach and Elias Belkeddar @ Standard Films
Director of Photography : Julien Meurice