The Shit We Do To Make Y’all Look Fly, Paris FW13 aka Ninjas in Poorest Final Part 4

Last day in Paris (sounds like the title of a romantic movie from the 70’s, but trust me, there are no sex scenes in this one).  Start of the day early again…took some photo’s from around the crib…mood setters….Chambre of Commerce for Republique and the Canal by the apartment.  This Canal pops during the summer…everyone in the neighborhood is out drinking eating and chilling all night long.





First appointment of the day Thom Browne…they were set up over by the Chmaps Elysees so we took some tourist photo’s before we rolled in…




Il’  wing tips with a really dope “shoe belt”?  never seen one before but I like it…

This season they did a whole rocks vs jocks theme…Ryno styles the jocks blazer…



Next up Maison Kitsune…really dope classic french design.

you could just catch Sacred Heart from their window…kinda dope

Random subway sculpture close to the Kitsune office…

oh..I forgot to show yall the LV invite for the show in Pt. 1…kinda cool, huh?

Last meal in Paris…Fan favorite…Chez Omar..classic Moroccan food.  My wife has me on a vegetarian diet but I cheated and had the merguez…MY FAVORITE!

our hosts, worn out from chaperoning…thanks guys, your the best!

Moroccan mint tea, the real shit…not that crap they sell at Coffee Bean.

the only color pic to make it in the post…File this under “must be nice”.  “Wet Market Richie” showing off his indigo dyed brain tanned virgil boots…wearing them in the rain, not recommended….I am guessing these were baby blue by the time he got home?

my home away from home…bye-bye.

I fucks with United…that means no direct from Paris…bummer.  SO I had to fly through Frankfurt…this airport is huge and imposing…the fog didn’t help…Kinda spooky!

Knocked out on the flight home but woke up feeling a little chilly…caught a couple flicks over Greenland…kinda sick!  But also made me think of that flick “grey” with the wolves….not sure if there are wolves in Greenland? Not sure if there is much of anything?  Definitely nothing green?  Interesting side note on Greenland.

I was once really into conspiracy shit and reading a lot of Knights Templar type shit.  I read this book that talked about early maps of the world, ones that predate most of our modern technology.  They claim they had some maps of the topography of Greenland that were from mad long ago, that have now been proven on point.  They said that it should have been impossible for people to know what Greenland really looked like under all this snow and ice and that the only reason we know is cause we have technology on our side, but that no one has actually ever seen under this shit…kind of dope.  I actually believe it.  Guess I am crazy…