Dug Up Some Oldies But Goodies

Once upon a time there lived a quarterly magazine called Nest. It was an interior magazine that took risks on featuring homes, studios, huts, palaces, igloos, retails stores, red light district windows, and any other sort of interior spaces that exist on this planet. Not only was each issue full of peeks into absurd, beautiful, eccentric places around the world and into the heads of the people who occupy these spaces, but each issue was also a graphic designer’s ultimate playground of graphic dreams. Every page had it’s own personality and each issue took on different forms… one issue had slashes strategically sliced into every page and another had a plus sign burned through the center from cover to cover.

The magazine died after its Fall 2004 issue. It was rumored that it met its demise due to the high cost of production but the magazine says its because the publisher, editor-in-chief, and main financial backer, Joseph Holtzman, took a decision to stop printing the magazine to prevent it from becoming boring. Whatever the reason… it’s great to know there are people out there who take risks on non-commercially viable ventures in order to create amazing things to fill our minds rather than creating the trash that seems to be everywhere these days.

Have a look at excerpts from the Summer 2001 issue…