New Arrival: NBHD FW12

A full shipment of goodness from Neighborhood arrived just in time for the weather change. We received a range of pieces from their FW12 collection including a couple highlighted pieces, the A-2D Jacket and MACK Indigo Shirt. Everything you need to complete a nice outfit…

Neighborhood  A 2D C JKT
Neighborhood  A 2D C JKT-13
Neighborhood  Lumbers C Shirt
Neighborhood  Lumbers C Shirt-9
Neighborhood  Mack C Shirt
Neighborhood  Classic White BD C Shirt
Neighborhood  Rigid Deep Mid Straight
Neighborhood  Rigid Deep Mid Straight-7
Neighborhood  Washed Mid Straight
Neighborhood  Washed Mid Straight-9
Neighborhood  Watch AW Cap
Neighborhood  Watch AW Cap-5 2

Available here.