Editorial: Stratagem For The Zone

What mysteries rule over the realm known simply as The Zone? A world of steel, cable, cinder, and reverie that will be forced to

evolve through the psyche of rebels. Escape is a dream. A much needed stratagem of escape illustrated with the modernistic

styles of Carhartt and Buscemi…



Art Direction and Fashion by Elizabeth Birkett-Gibbs

Photography by Patrick O’Brien-Smith

Models: Kekoa & Cory




Leopard Pocket Tee, Bell Shirt by Carhartt




Border T-Shirt by Carthartt, 100MM (Tonal) by Buscemi




Herring Shirt, Sid Pant by Carthartt, 100MM (Tonal) by Buscemi




Ashton Bomber by CarharttUNION_CORY_BOARD_7 copy


Ashton Bomber by CarharttUNION_CORY_BOARD_5 copyMarble Sweatshirt, Anglistic Beanie by Carhartt