Editorial: Il Meccanico

The responsibility of the mechanic. Before he can fall into the pleasures of the open road as the driver, he must first repair. The lustfully familiar smell of fuel and

exhaust, the sound of the engine, and the feel of the interior help guide him to his ultimate destiny: The driving experience. The aura of the high performance

motor car illustrated with the technology of Nike, Thom Browne, Carhartt and Alfa Romeo…

Art Direction, Photography, and Fashion by Camille Lepen

Models: Sebastian Galasso



Alfa 000


Alfa 0001

Lab Destroyer by Nike, Sid Pant by Carhartt, Eye Wear by Thom Browne


alfa 001


Alfa 002

QT T-Shirt by Nike


Alfa 003

QT T-Shirt (in black and white) by Nike, Eye Wear by Thom Browne


Alfa 004

Lab Destroyer and QT T-Shirt by Nike, Raw Denim by Acne, Eye Wear by Thom Brownealfa 005


Lab Destroyer, QT T-Shirt by Nike, Raw Denim by Acne, Eye Wear by Thom Browne


Alfa 006Lab Destroyer by Nike, Eye Wear by Thom Browne