Product Highlight: Casely-Hayford * Thom Browne * Ganryu


The long awaited drops from Casely-Hayford, Thom Browne, and Ganryu are here…

Art Direction, Styling, Photography: Durimel

Model: Alan Gaynor


Union casely-hayford 02

Pullover Shirt, Trousers by Casely-Hayford


Union casely-hayford 01

Jacket Shirt by Casely-Hayford


Union thom browne 03

Jacquard Board Short by Thom Browne


Union thom browne 04

Sport Coat, Trousers


Union ganryu 05

Blazer, Drop Crotch Trouser by Ganryu


Union ganryu 06

Suede Derby by Ganryu